COVID-19 Safety & Telemedicine

Eugene Gastroenterology Consultants have resumed upper endoscopies and colonoscopies at Oregon Endoscopy Center. We take every precaution to ensure the safety of our patients and staff during the ongoing pandemic.

We have instituted patient screening and infection control measures to keep our patients safe and protected, including temperature checks, extra cleaning and handwashing. All Eugene Gastroenterology & Oregon Endoscopy staff are screened with temperature checks daily.

Patients are asked to wear a mask for all office appointments and procedures. We will provide a mask if you don’t have one. Always keep your mask on and please maintain six feet of distance from others whenever possible. Our staff members wear masks/personal protective gear, as appropriate, as well.

COVID-19 Testing

We test all patients for COVID-19 through PeaceHealth, regardless of vaccination status, prior to procedures entering through the esophagus at Oregon Endoscopy Center and all procedures at Sacred Heart Medical Center RiverBend Hospital. This allows us to ensure COVID-positive patients are not seen in our clinic or facility. If you have not yet scheduled your COVID testing, call PeaceHealth directly at 541-222-2222. If you experience COVID-19 symptoms after screening/testing, the procedure will be delayed until COVID can be ruled out or illness has passed. You will receive specific instructions regarding COVID-19 testing. Patients and drivers must wear a mask at all times while in the facility. We will provide a mask if you don’t have one. Always keep your mask on and maintain the recommended six feet of distance from others while you are with us.

COVID-19 Vaccination

We recommend all patients who do not have a contraindication to COVID-19 vaccination to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to protect themselves, their family members, and our community. Receiving chemotherapy, receiving immune suppressing medications and being pregnant are not contraindications to receiving COVID-19 vaccination, so individuals in these groups are encouraged to get vaccinated.

COVID-19 Boosters for Immune Suppressed Patients

The CDC, FDA, and Oregon Health Authority have all agreed that all individuals older than 12 years old, who are taking immune suppressing medications, and have received both doses of either the Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination series, should receive a third shot to boost their immunity against COVID-19 (aka a “booster” shot). We, at Eugene GI, are in agreement and recommend contacting the institution where you received your vaccinations to get scheduled for a third dose.


Our doctors are currently seeing many patients via telemedicine visits, offering a real-time, interactive audio/video session over a smartphone or computer. Our physicians can provide you with the same experience as an in-office visit without risking COVID-19 exposure to you or our staff.

You will receive appointment reminder messages that include paperwork to be completed. If it has been over 30 days since you were last seen, please complete the paperwork.

One to two days prior to your appointment, if paperwork is not completed, our medical assistant will call you to go over a few pre-visit questions, including health history, medications and allergies. It’s important that you take this call – if you don’t, the appointment could be canceled.

On the day of the telemedicine appointment, you will receive a text message reminder about your appointment time and another message 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment that includes the link to your visit.

If asked, you will need to grant access for the use of your device’s camera and microphone – say “Yes” or “Agree” when prompted.

This telemedicine option is our way of continuing to help our patients during the pandemic. Please contact us to schedule an appointment via telemedicine.