EGC COVID-19 Updates

Elective Procedures Resuming at Oregon Endoscopy Center

In accordance with Governor Kate Brown’s lifting of restrictions in Oregon of elective procedures, Eugene Gastroenterology is pleased to announce that we will be resuming upper endoscopies and colonoscopies at Oregon Endoscopy Center on a limited basis. 

We are Excited to be Offering Telemedicine to Our Patients!

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak our office will temporarily be offering patient appointments via telemedicine. We anticipate opening up our office to see patients in person again in the near future. In the meantime, we continue to offer Telemedicine visits.

Preparing for Your Telemedicine Visit

This is real-time interactive audio/video with the physician, via a smart phone, laptop or mobile device.
Ensure that you have a good internet connection in a space without distractions for the visit.
This will take battery life pretty quickly so you should ensure your device is fully charged and/or have phones plugged into chargers when logging in

On the day before your appointment, our Medical Assistant will be calling you to go over a few pre visit questions, Health History/Medications/Allergies. It’s important that you take these call, if you don’t this appointment could be canceled

On the day of the appointment, you will receive a text message reminder about your appointment time and another message with the link to your visit 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

If asked, you will need to allow the program to use the camera and mic/voice – Say "Yes" or "Agree"

Patient safety and COVID

The safety of our patients, staff and providers is our #1 priority. We are fortunate to be able to test all of our patients for COVID 19 prior to all procedures (with no cost to you). This allows us to ensure COVID-positive patients are not seen in our facility.  We have instituted patient screening and infection control measures to keep our patients safe and protected. (i.e. taking temperatures, extra cleaning and good handwashing). 

If there are COVID symptoms after screening/testing, the procedure will be delayed until COVID can be ruled out or illness has passed.

All Eugene Gastroenterology & Oregon Endoscopy staff will be screened with temperature checks daily.
Our staff will be wearing masks/personal protective gear as appropriate as well.

We are limiting the number of people in our clinic and at the Oregon Endoscopy Center. Drivers and family will be asked to wait outside the facility during the procedure.  Please wear your own mask when you come to either facility. (We will be providing masks to our patients if you don’t have your own). While you are here, keep your mask on at all times and keep the recommended 6 feet of distance from others as much as possible.

It a privilege to take part in your care. Thank you for your trust in us!
Eugene Gastroenterology/Oregon Endoscopy Center Physicians and Staff

For more information on COVID-19, please click here.