Frequently Asked Procedure Questions

Q: Are you scheduling procedures during COVID-19?

A: We  are only scheduling procedures on an urgent basis at SacredHeart Medical Center - RiverBend. If you were previously scheduled, we will call you to reschedule your procedure once our endoscopy center has re-opened.


Q: I forgot to stop taking my multi-vitamin/supplement that contains iron.

A: This is fine, please DO NOT re-schedule your procedure due to taking your vitamins with iron.


Q: Can I take my medications the day of the procedure?

A: Yes, please take all your medications as directed including pains meds, Aspirin, anti-anxiety meds Etc. However, if you are taking any blood thinning medications, medication for diabetes or seizure meds, or iron please follow the individualized instructions.


Q: I have to take my medications with food, what should I do if I can only have clear liquids?

A: Our doctors have all agreed it is ok to take your medications for one day without food.


Q: Do I need to mail my paperwork back to you or bring it in with me when I have my procedure?

 A: Please mail your paperwork in to us prior to your procedure as long as your procedure is not within three days.


Q: I can’t keep this bowel prep down. 

A: Stop drinking the bowel prep if you start feeling nauseated. Have some clear liquids then go back to drinking it very slowly. Once you begin having results the bloating feeling and nausea should go away. There is no time limit that you have to finish by you just need to finish the prep.


Q: Does my driver have to be present when I check in and/or have to stay in the lobby during the procedure?

A: Your driver must be present and stay in our lobby or on the RiverBend campus during your procedure.


Q: Is it ok for me to plan something after the procedure like going to work or making plans for that evening?

A: It is recommended that you do not plan anything for the remainder of the day due to the sedation that is used during your procedure.


Q: I have been sick; do I need to re-schedule my procedure?

A: The only indication for re-scheduling your procedure is if you are running a fever or if you have a communicable disease or infection (example: MRSA or shingles).


Q: I've lost my prep instructions or did not receive, what do I do?

A: Contact our office as to make arrangements for a copy to me mailed, securely emailed, faxed or picked up from office.


Q: Do I really need to be up early in the morning to start/finish prep the day of my procedure?

A: Yes, It is important you follow the exact time as outlined in order to allow adequate time to eliminate prep from your system prior to your scheduled procedure.


Q: What should I do if my pharmacy says they do not have my bowel prep prescription?

A: If your pharmacy is unable to locate your prescription, have them look under your held prescriptions. We send in your prescription when we schedule your procedure, so this could have been done several months ago.


Q: Should I follow pharmacy prep instructions or instructions from the office?

A: Please follow prep instructions provided by our office, as packaging/pharmacy instructions can be contradictory to our individualized instructions.


Q: My prep instructions are much different from what I recall with my last colonoscopy, why?

A: Our prep instructions are always evolving to give both patients and physicians optimal prep results.


Q: I do not have anyone who can drive me home from my procedure.

A: You need to arrage transportation home. If you do not have a family member or friend, you may use one of the approved transportation companies.