Capsule Endoscopy Instructions - 12 Hour

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Your physician has determined that, as part of your medical evaluation, you should undergo an examination known as Small Bowel Capsule Endoscopy.  This procedure involves ingesting a PillCam SB capsule the size of a large vitamin which will pass naturally through your digestive system while taking pictures of the intestine.  The images are transmitted to the SensorArray.  The SensorArray is attached to a walkman-like DataRecorder which saves all the images.  It is located in the RecorderBelt, which is worn around your waist.  You will wear the sensor belt and data recorder for 12 hours. You will return the equipment to your physician the following business day sometime before noon.  The PillCam SB capsule is disposable and will be excreted naturally in your bowel movement. In the rare case that it is not excreted naturally, it may need to be removed endoscopically or surgically.  In order for your physician to get the most accurate information from this examination, you will need to follow the instructions below:

Stop Multiple Vitamins and Iron 5 days before the procedure.

The Day before Capsule Endoscopy

On the day before the SB Capsule Endoscopy Examination, follow the prep instruction sheet you were given.

Day of Capsule Endoscopy

  1. Arrive at your physician’s office at the scheduled time for your SB capsule endoscopy. It is best to wear two piece clothing. Your upper garment should be of thin natural fiber like cotton that is long enough to reach at least to hip level and will not ride up above the belt. Do Not Wear Synthetic Fabrics such as polyester or nylon as these materials will interfere with the DataRecorder. 

  1. The SensorArray belt will be worn around your waist along with the DataRecorder which you will wear in a holder that goes across your torso/chest which you will wear for 12 hours. After that you will be instructed to ingest the PillCam SB capsule.

After ingesting the PillCam SB capsule

  1. After ingesting the PillCam SB capsule, you may have clear liquids after 2 hours.  After 4 hours you may have a light snack.  We recommend broth-type soups, Jell-O, a few Saltine Crackers, Apple Sauce, Ice pops.  No red liquids until the Sensor Array belt is removed. You may return to your normal diet after you remove the equipment. Contact your physician immediately if you suffer from any abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting during SB capsule endoscopy

  1. After ingesting the PillCam SB capsule and until it is excreted, you should not be near any source of powerful electromagnetic fields such as one created near an MRI device or amateur (ham) radio.  Occasionally, some images may be lost due to radio interference (e.g. from amateur radio transmitter, MRI, etc.).  On rare occasions this may result in the need to repeat the SB Capsule Endoscopy examination. 

  1. SB capsule endoscopy is considered complete after the 12 hours. You may remove the equipment after the 12 hours are up. You will hear a loud beep that will last for 30-60 seconds. You do not need to push any buttons on the equipment as the data recorder shuts its self off automatically. Since the DataRecorder is actually a small computer, it should be treated with utmost care and protection.  Avoid sudden movement and banging of the DataRecorder.


To prepare for Capsule Endoscopy, follow these instructions carefully:

A few days before your procedure date, you will need to pick up your prescription of 1 gallon of prep solution at you’re pharmacy which we have faxed. You will only need to drink ½ gallon starting at noon day prior to exam. Please pick up the prep in advance at your pharmacy.

At 12 noon, the day before your procedure, mix the full gallon and begin drinking the prep solution. You only need to drink half of the gallon. The ½ gallon should be finished by 6pm and then Nothing by mouth after midnight. Prep solution will need to be stirred frequently.  The first few glasses may make you feel bloated or “full”.  It will be easier to get it down, if you use a straw and sip slowly until finished.  You will begin passing watery stool within a few hours of beginning the prep.  You may flavor the prep solution with artificial sweeteners only. We suggest Crystal Light Lemonade. After beginning the prep you need to remain on clear liquids only and then nothing to eat or drink after midnight.

Suggested liquids include:  water, apple juice, white grape juice, clear broths, Gatorade, crystal lite, Jell-O, sugar free soft drinks, coffee and tea without creamer.  Avoid all red or purple juice or Jell-O.

Prior to beginning the prep solution, you may wish to apply a liberal amount of Vaseline to the rectal area to prevent irritation.  Preparation H, Anusol or Tucks medicated pads may be used for comfort.

Day of Procedure: Please be checked in by 8:15am at Eugene Gastroenterology Consultants.

You need to arrive NPO (nothing by mouth)

We will attach the data recorder belt around your waist along with the data recorder across your chest which you will wear for 12 hours. You will remove the equipment yourself that evening at home and will return the equipment to us the following business day sometime before 12noon to our front desk.

Two hours after you swallow the capsule in the office is when you may start having clear liquids.

Four hours after swallowing the capsule you may begin having light snacks throughout the day. No real full meal until that evening (12 hours later) after you remove the equipment.

When you take the sensor belt data recorder off please lay the equipment flat. Do not roll the belt/equipment up.

If you have any questions, please call Erin or Sheri at 541-868-9500