Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Instructions

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To prepare for a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy, follow these instructions carefully:

Ideally, please avoid foods with seeds and nuts 3 days before your procedure.  Items such as yogurts or jams with strawberries or blackberries, and breads with seeds should be avoided.  However, if you do forget DO NOT cancel your procedure.

Purchase 2 Fleet enemas from your pharmacy.  These are nonprescription items but your pharmacist can assist you in locating them.

No solid food or milk products after midnight the evening prior to the procedure.  After midnight you may have ONLY CLEAR LIQUIDS such as black coffee, tea, soda, water, apple juice, white grape juice, excluding broth and Jell O.  You should have nothing by mouth including water 2 hours prior to check in.

On the day of your exam, administer the first Fleet enema 2 ½ hours before you need to leave to check in for your appointment.  Follow package instruction.  Lying on your left side is a relatively comfortable position and the most effective.  It is important to retain the enema solution for at least 5 minutes before expelling the solution into the toilet.

Administer the second Fleet enema 1 ½ hours before you need to leave to check in for your appointment, again holding the enema solution in for 5 minutes or longer.  IF there are still bits of stool being passed from the bowel with completion of the second enema, please fill the empty enema bottle with warm water and administer a third enema.  Continue warm water enemas until expelled water is clear.

Take your usual medications with a small sip of water the morning of your exam including pain relievers and anti anxiety medications.  If you are taking diabetes or blood thinning medications you should follow the individualized instructions outlined for you on the attached enclosure.  You may continue aspirin products.  Do not take multivitamins with iron or iron supplements for 5 days before your exam.

We are limiting the patients and people in our clinic and Oregon Endoscopy Center; drivers and family will be asked to wait outside the facility or in their cars during the procedure. If you are scheduled at OEC you will be with us for 2 hours. If you are scheduled at SPA you will be with us for 3 hours. You are having a medical procedure with sedation which requires you have a driver after your procedure. If you do not have a driver or responsible adult, we will reschedule your procedure. You cannot drive again until the next day. You may use a medical transport service, taxi or bus with a responsible adult to accompany you home. For safety reasons, we recommend that you have a responsible adult with you for a few hours after your procedure.

Call 541 868 9500, option 2 for scheduling then press option 1 for any questions regarding these instructions or, in case of emergency, to reschedule your procedure.  Urgent concerns outside of office hours should be directed to the on call physician at 541 868 9500.