Endoscopy with PEG Placement/Replacement Instructions

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Arrive at check in time, see DIRECTIONS TO OUR FACILITY, checking in at either Oregon Endoscopy Center (OEC) or the Surgical Procedure Area (SPA).

To prepare for Endoscopy with PEG placement or replacement, follow these instructions carefully:

  •  No solid food or milk products after midnight the day prior to your procedure.  After midnight you may have ONLY CLEAR LIQUIDS such as black coffee, tea, soda, water, apple juice, white grape juice, excluding broth and Jell‑O.  You should have nothing by mouth or tube including water 4 hours prior to check in the morning of your procedure except for your medications.
  • Take your usual medications with a small sip of water the morning of your exam including pain relievers and anti‑anxiety medications.  If you are taking blood thinning medications or  diabetic medications, follow the MEDICATION INSTRUCTIONS unless specified by our office with special instructions.  You may continue aspirin products.

You are having a medical procedure with sedation which requires you to have someone present in our lobby the entire time. If you are scheduled at OEC you will be with us for 2 hours. If you are scheduled at SPA you will be with us for 3 hours. If you come without a driver or responsible adult, we will reschedule your procedure. You cannot drive again until the next day. You may use a medical transport service, taxi or bus with a responsible adult to accompany you home. For safety reasons, we recommend that you have a responsible adult with you for a few hours after your procedure.

  • You will be contacted by home infusion to schedule a visit after your procedure for training on PEG use and site care.