Colonoscopy Prep Instructions - Clenpiq


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Please note, if you are not having regular bowel movement (at least one bowel movement every 3 days) you will need to follow our constipation protocol. Constipation protocol is Miralax twice daily 5 days prior to your procedure. Follow the Miralax dosing instructions found on the packaging insert. 


A prescription for your bowel prep has been submitted to your pharmacy around the time your procedure was scheduled (this could have been sent several months ago).  Please contact your pharmacy prior to picking it up, to ensure is it ready. If your pharmacy is unable to locate your prescription, have them look under held prescriptions. If you are taking blood thinning medications or  diabetic medications, follow the MEDICATION INSTRUCTIONS unless specified by our office with special instructions. Please discontinue multi vitamins with iron or iron supplements.


Begin the Colonoscopy Prep Diet. Continue to follow this diet until 1:00pm on day prior to your procedure.


Begin a clear liquid diet as soon as you wake up.  You may have water, ice, soda, Gatorade, ginger ale, broth (chicken, beef, vegetable), popsicles, Jell‑O, apple or white grape juice, tea and black coffee (no milk or cream). No alcoholic beverages. Avoid anything red or purple.

Make sure you drink 64 ounces of clear fluids prior to beginning the bowel prep solution. This will help ensure a smoother prep process.

At 5:00 pm drink the first bottle of Clenpiq. Follow the prep by drinking five 8 oz cups of water at a rate that is comfortable to you. Try to finish within 5 hours.

You will begin passing watery stool within a few hours of beginning the bowel prep. Prior to beginning the bowel prep, you may want to apply a liberal amount of Vaseline or similar product to the rectal area to prevent irritation. You may also use Preparation H, Anusol or Tucks medicated pads for comfort.


Continue a clear liquid diet, excluding broth and Jell‑O.  At 5 hours prior to check in, take second bottle of Clenpiq. Follow the prep by drinking three 8 oz cups of water. You may continue drinking clear liquids along with your prep, ****If you are coming from out of town please add in your drive time and take earlier than 5 hours prior to check in.****

Take your usual medications including pain relievers and anti‑anxiety medications.  If you are taking blood thinning medications or  diabetic medications, follow the MEDICATION INSTRUCTIONS unless specified by our office with special instructions. You may continue aspirin products.

At  2 hours prior to check in: Nothing by mouth, including water.

At check in time: see directions to our facility.

You are having a medical procedure with sedation which requires you to have someone present in our lobby the entire time. You will be at OEC for approximately 2 hours. If you come without a driver or responsible adult, we will reschedule your procedure. You cannot drive again until the next day. You may use a medical transport service, taxi or bus with a responsible adult to accompany you home. For safety reasons, we recommend that you have a responsible adult with you for a few hours after your procedure.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these instructions, call our office at 541-868-9500.  Urgent concerns outside of office hours should be directed to the on call physician at 541-868-9500.


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