Financial and Insurance

Insurance Network Participation

We continuously evaluate our contracts with insurance carriers to provide you with the best in-network options and we participate with most major insurance plans including (but not limited to):

AARP Medicare Complete Most Oregon Medicaid products
Aetna Multiplan
Bay Area Hospital PacificSource
Cigna Providence Health Plans
First Choice Health Providence Preferred
First Health Regence
Health Net Tricare
Lifewise Trillium
Medicare  United Healthcare 


We recommend checking with your insurance carrier regarding in-network providers. (For your convenience it is common for a phone number to be listed on the back of the insurance card.)

Get to Know your Coverage

Knowing your coverage will help you avoid unanticipated bills and frustration. Some things you should verify include: 

  • Copayment (this amount can be different based on the service you are seeking.)
  • Patient deductible
  • Requirements for referrals 
  • Pre-existing clauses (ie, coverage rules for a pre-existing condition)
  • Prescription benefits
  • Covered and non-covered services


Claim processing

One of our billing specialists will handle your claim from start to finish. They are highly effective in their communications with insurance companies to insure proper payment of your claim.

Shortly after you receive a service from our practice, we will send a medical claim to your insurance carrier. Once your claim has been processed, we receive an explanation of benefits (EOB) from your carrier that reports the payment made as well as any balance due from you. We review the EOB for accuracy and process the claim appropriately in our system. If your insurance company reports that a patient balance is due and you have not already paid that balance, we will send you a statement.

Facility Billing

Are you confused because you received two bills? The facility bill is separate from the specialist's bill.


Specialist's Bill
(Eugene Gastroenterology)

Facility or Hospital Bill
(Oregon Endoscopy Center or Sacred Heart Medical Center)

= Total Cost
The providers of Eugene Gastroenterology are independent providers who are not emplyees of the facility or hospital.  A bill will be submitted by Eugene Gastroenterology for professional physician services.  This bill is for the doctor.   The facility or hospital bill is from the location where your care took place.  This charge includes the supplies, equipment or technician's services required to perform your procedure.    


Financial Policy

We have established our financial policies so that you can be informed and plan accordingly. We welcome you to discuss with us any questions you may have.

Patient Financial Policy


Our Patient Financial Services department is available to assist you Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00. Please call 541-868-9502 with any billing questions.


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