Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What can you do to prevent getting sick?

Please visit the Centers for Disease Control's website about COVID-19 here for more information on prevention measures.


Our doctors are now seeing patients via telemedicine visits! All you need is a smartphone and internet. Our physicians can provide you with the same experience as an in-office visit without exposure to you or our staff. Our new telemedicine option is our way of continuing to help our patients in the community with the social distancing requirements.

Procedures and COVID-19

We are currently not offering any non-urgent procedures at this time. If you are having symptoms and need an appointment for a telemedicine visit to be evaluated for an urgent procedure, please call 541-868-9500 and press option 2 in our phone tree. For non-urgent procedures, we do not have a set date yet on when we will start performing these again and are not scheduling non-urgent procedures at this time.

Questions About COVID-19

There is currently no known correlation between having Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Crohns or Ulcerative Colitis and risk of getting COVID-19.

We are currently not issuing work release forms for those immunocompromised due to COVID-19. Please continue taking your medications and follow standard recommendations of avoiding exposure to others, proper hand washing, avoid touching your face and avoid nonessential travel.

If you are concerned about having or getting COVID-19, please contact your PCP.

We do not have nursing staff available to answer COVID-19 questions, please visit the CDC's website for more information.